Hello!  I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Alice Grindling (she/her/hers).  I started out studying theatre and film in New York City and fell in love with being on the other side of the camera.

Once behind the camera I found I had a fantastic eye for cinematography and a unique vision for what videos can become, the stories they can tell, and the impact they can have on their audience. 

As a videographer my work has taken me to the Amazon in Peru following a group of nurses, to the heart of NYC working for non-profits and national websites.  I am passionate about each business I work with and passionate about telling their story beautifully.

How I Work

From the first meeting with a client, my goal is to make them feel comfortable and walk them hand-in-hand through the creative process. 

Identifying my client’s individual business and video marketing goals is my first objective.  Understanding each client’s brand, how they want to communicate their message, and what it is that they are trying to obtain from their audience. 

Crafting the perfect concept and script for every business is key to each video’s success. It’s important to me that each video be unique, eye catching, educating, and entertaining.

Just as each client is unique in tone and needs, I love how each video we create comes to life.  I love hearing stories from my clients about the positive impact having video has on their business.  As I’ve been growing my own company, I’ve also grown passionate about helping others grow their own.

Schedule a consult today to see how video marketing can help scale your business. 

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